Davie Camps

Creative Child Learning Center – Davie Summer Camp
For Children Who Have Completed Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Summer Camp 2019

The summer program at Creative Child Learning Center – Davie is 9 weeks of fun and learning for students who have a wide range of interests. Browse our schedule of programs here and fill out the form below to learn more!

We offer full day camps for children who have completed kindergarten through 5th grade children in arts, humanities, sciences, and more! Full Day Camp is from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM, STEM Camp is from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM, and Cooking Camp is from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

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Camp Schedules

Full Day

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Cooking Camp

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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9 Exciting Sessions

Week 1: 6/10 – 6/14
Week 2: 6/17 – 6/21
Week 3: 6/24 – 6/28
Week 4: 7/1 – 7/5
Week 5: 7/8 – 7/12
Week 6: 7/15 – 7/19
Week 7: 7/22 – 7/26
Week 8: 7/29 – 8/2
Week 9:8/5 – 8/9

Camp Explorer (Kindergarten – Fifth Grade)

  • Session 1
  • 6/11 – 6/29
  • Session 2
  • 7/2 – 7/20
  • Session 3
  • 7/23 – 8/9
  • Three exciting sessions that include daily field trips to local attractions such as Ninja Lounge, Off the Wall, Parrot Jungle Island and more!
  • Fun sport week to include Miami Heat Jam, Marlins Game and Florida Panthers Ice Tour.
  • Cooking, art and science projects coupled with thematic hands-on curriculum.
  • Including separate special Senior (2nd - 5th grade) trips to Rapids Water Park and I-Fly.

Main Camp Themes (4-5 Years)

Week 1: Friendship Week

Campers will enjoy forming new friendships and will learn what it means to be a real friend. They will also learn how we are all alike and different.

Week 2: Camping Week

Get ready to experience the great outdoors! Campers will build a tent, create pretend fires, and make s’mores while singing along to campfire songs.

Week 3: Music Week

During this week, campers will learn about different types of music and explore various sounds. They will also make their very own instruments!

Week 4: Patriotic Week

Red, white, and blue galore! This week is all about patriotism. Children will participate in fun hands-on activities that will teach them about our country’s birthday.

Week 5: Science Week

What do scientists do? Campers will find out this week by engaging in fun science experiments.

Week 6: Silly Week

From silly hair and hats to silly shirts and silly socks, this week is all about backwards and inside out fun!

Week 7: Architect Week

Campers will draw, build, and learn blueprints during this week of all things architecture!

Week 8: Carnival Week

Children will have a blast playing carnival games, making carnival art, and indulging in snow cones this week!

Week 9: Storybook Week

Reading is fun! Campers will enjoy special visits from family readers and will learn about different types of stories this week. They will also create their own class book.

Primary STEM Themes (4-5 Years)

Week 3: Junior Astronaut

Three, two, one…blast off! It’s time to fall in line for astronaut training! Campers dive in by earning their helmets and jet packs as they discover what it takes to make it in outer space. Next up: Escape Earth’s gravity to explore the Sun, the Moon, and many of the solar system’s interesting features. From launching Alka-Seltzer rockets to creating satellite spinners, budding space explorers learn the ropes as they prepare to take off to infinity and beyond!

Week 6: Junior Physicist

Unlock the forces that drive our universe! From mastering matter to exploring fundamental forces, future-physicists learn through hands-on projects such as designing a gravity maze and constructing a kaleidoscope. Topics like magnetism, density, and friction come alive! Kids love rocking out on their homemade rubber guitar and going for the high score on their DIY pinball game. Through exploration of exciting physics concepts, kids develop a better understanding of nature and the world around them.

Week 7: Junior Engineer

Calling all inventors, builders, designers and dreamers! From wing designs to clothespin cars, curious camper minds discover what it takes to be an engineer. Throughout the week we explore engineering disciplines ranging from aerospace to electrical, with little hands working on innovative projects that engage and amaze. Curious kids explore how engineers problem solve to address environmental crises, use nature to inspire inventions, and complete complex circuits to light up the night sky.

Elementary STEM Themes (Completed Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

Week 2: Kids Crime Lab

Join the CSI team as we investigate the mysteries of the living world through forensic biology. Designed as a suspense-building “whodunit” experience, Kids Crime Lab guides campers through the discovery of clues and the tackling of challenges tied to topics such as cellular structure and DNA. From bacterium to blood type, kids learn how to interpret data and draw conclusions necessary to crack the case. Secret message glasses, microscopes, and DIY lab kits are just a few of the CSI tools that campers create and take home for further crime scene investigations!

Week 4: Wacky World of Aircraft

It’s time for takeoff! The adventure begins with a steep climb to cruising altitude as our aspiring pilots learn the fundamentals of unpowered, subsonic, and supersonic flight. Campers earn their wings building their own aircraft ranging from paper airplanes to balsa models. The week would not be complete without a study of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing vehicles) and remotely operated aircraft. Our pilots wrap up the voyage by assembling their own rubberband powered helicopters and experimenting with hand sensing drones!

Week 5: High Voltage Heroes

Amplify your child’s interest in electronics as they power their inner hero! Through an understanding of circuit components and the flow of electricity, campers arm themselves with the knowledge to create super gadgets that save the day. From series and parallel circuits to capacitors and electromagnetic motors, the nanoscopic world of fast-moving electrons brings superheroes to life. With projects such as creating a customized light-up superhero mask and building a scale model “heromobile” of their very own, kids feel charged up and ready to take on any challenge.

Week 8: Coding and Digital Design

Join us at the crossroads of coding and digital design! In this camp kids explore how technology has revolutionized video production, website design, 3D modeling and more. Our young, inspired thinkers use software to create their own logos, “photoshop” pictures to produce exciting visual effects, and generate three dimensional virtual representations of their unique product ideas! Balancing design with coding, campers use MIT’s Scratch to increase their understanding of logic and programming.

Cooking Themes (2nd – 5th Grade)

Week 2: Food Fuels Our Body

Campers will be introduced to My Plate, balanced meals, and the potential healing powers of food.  They will learn why breakfast matters, understand the benefits of eating locally and seasonally, and become “fooducated” by learning to read nutrition labels.  Campers will create their own spice blend, participate in a food group relay, go on a scavenger hunt at a local Publix, and earn bragging rights through nutrition jeopardy. The budding chefs will learn skills such as safely and properly using a knife, peeling vegetables, cracking and separating eggs, using a box grater, stove top safety, and reading and following a recipe. The chefs will be preparing their own snacks and lunch to include such items as ricotta fruit dip, cucumber sammies, chicken avocado salad, and farmer’s market scramble.

Week 5: Around the World

Grab your passports and prepare for a trip around the world!  Campers will learn how climate and geography influence food in each country.   Additionally, campers will get to explore a bit of culture in each country we visit.  For example, we will explore the history of hula in Hawaii, introduce amate painting in Mexico, and explore the Greek theater. The budding chefs will learn skills such as safely and properly using a knife, peeling vegetables, cracking and separating eggs, using a box grater, stove top safety, and reading and following a recipe.  The chefs will be preparing their own snacks and lunch to include such items as bruschetta, tangy tzatziki, black bean and veggie quesadilla, and vegetable fried rice.

Week 8: Kitchen Science

Put on your lab coats and grab your goggles – it’s a week of kitchen science!  Acids, bases, states of matter, and chemical reactions, this week will provide opportunities for observation, exploration, and discovery. The budding chefs/scientists will learn skills such as safely and properly using a knife, cracking and separating an egg, stove top safety, and reading and following a recipe.  Campers will be preparing their own snacks and lunch to include such items as fresh fruit with homemade whipped cream, juice noodles, bagels with homemade cream cheese, and buttermilk pancakes.