Curriculum Philosophies and Practices

Kaplan Early Learning company’s Learn Every Day – the program for Infants, Wobblers, and Toddlers – is written by experts in the field of early learning and packed with hundreds of activities to provide a nurturing and educational environment for these age groups. Activities are domain specific and include the following: Brain Builders – Activities to develop cognitive skills; Talk to Me – Ways to enhance communication and language skills; Change My Life By Turning a Page – Early Literacy development;On the Move – Gross and fine motor skills; Shake the Rattle and Roll – Music and movement, fingerplays, and songs; I Am My World – Enhancing sensory development; Exploring the Natural World – Indoor and outdoor activities; I Need a Hug – Individual and small group activities to build social skills for life.

The Investigator Club Curriculum is a comprehensive fully-integrated curriculum for our threes and fours with a focus on “Play With A Purpose,” utilizing the Power of Investigation, the Power of a Story, and the Value of Characters. It builds upon children’s natural curiosity about the world and their place in it. The heart of the Investigator Club awakens the scientist and the explorer in every child.

The Investigator Club Curriculum is researched based with an emphasis on oral language development, print-rich environment, in-depth content across domains, “best practices” in literacy for early readers and writers, problem-solving, math and science processes, provisions for social and emotional growth, assessment, and professional development.

This outstanding curriculum has the tools to help accommodate every child’s unique needs with differentiation of instruction, lesson modifications, Individual Educational plan reminders, varied instruction methods, ongoing assessment and intervention strategies, and strong researched-based materials. Instruction in the Investigator Club Learning System is scaffolded through 10 critical domains of learning, providing support for children to build knowledge over time which allows them to have a deeper understanding of concepts and a broader level of experience.