The infant room is designed to reflect a home-like feeling with eating, sleeping, and play areas. Our babies are bottle fed in rocking chairs as they would be at home. Infants are on their own schedules. Our staff understands the importance of talking, singing, and warmly interacting with the babies throughout the day.

Indoor activities promoting intellectual stimulation are planned based on the developmental stage of each infant. Movement is encouraged to help infants develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. Children are closely monitored as they learn to crawl and grasp things.

Throughout the year, infants have their own every day curriculum based on different themes that they focus on based on the season. Every monthly lesson plan is also different and provides infants with new experiences. Parents may expect daily verbal and written reports on eating, reading, changing schedules, sleeping, and new developments. Each infant has his/her individual crib. Bottles & baby food, disposable diapers, wipes, creams, crib sheets and blankets must be provided by the parents.

We believe constant communication between parents and teachers can benefit the child in a multitude of ways. We use an application called BrightWheel as a way for parents to keep track of their child’s daily progress. BrightWheel allows teachers to send photos, videos, and daily reports of the children, and parents can message the teachers instantly with any questions or concerns.

Developmental Goals of Our Infant Program:

  • Providing a home away from home environment to help make your child feel more comfortable and safer.
  • Cultivating a personal relationship with each family.
  • Helping form physical strength to help children reach developmental milestones at their own pace.
  • Encouraging the participation in art, music, and age-appropriate materials to develop their sensorial skills.
  • Encouraging active play and communication with peers to help infants develop their social skills.
  • Furthering their physical development and intellectual stimulation through indoor activities and play areas.

The Infant Program is available at our Clermont, Davie-Plantation, Tallahassee-Southwood and Weston-Sunrise locations.

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