Dear Ms. Candace Ingram, and all Creative Child Administration, Faculty, and Staff:

It gives me great pleasure to report that Sofia’s first day of kindergarten was a great success. Sofie was sad to not be attending Creative Child, and she misses her teachers and friends and her lovely classroom. Still, she was very excited to meet her new friends and teachers at Gilchrist Elementary.

Sofie and I both want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Creative Child for preparing her for this momentous day. Over the past year and a half, Sofie has learned so many valuable skills, both in the classroom and on the playground. Her teachers, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Debra, went far beyond the call of duty in their efforts to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for Sofie and her classmates, and we will not soon forget it; from the first day of daycare all the way to the days of the VPK scrapbook and the wonderful graduation ceremony, we have both grown greatly from becoming a part of the Creative Child community.

Sofie will also miss running behind the counter before and after school to give hugs to the lucky few, stopping by the aquarium to name the fish, and walking in to Creative Child each morning to be greeted with smiling faces and music on the playground.

Lastly, Sofie and I both want to congratulate all the administration, faculty, and staff at Creative Child for building such a great center for learning. Immediately, my parental anxieties were assuaged at Creative Child, and even my highest expectations were exceeded. I hope that you all are as proud as you should be of all that hard work and care you invest in each student at Creative Child. I also hope that we can stay in touch—I will certainly recommend Creative Child to any of my friends and colleagues that might be searching for a daycare, after school, or VPK program. Thanks again!


– James K., Ph.D. & Sofiacreativechildlearningcenter

Our kids blossomed at CCLC.  They look forward to learning something new every day.  The teachers focus on concepts like the solar system and then build the curriculum around it.  For example, our 4-year-old made a rocket ship in class and read books about astronauts.  She then explained the concept of ‘gravity’ to us when we picked her up from school.  Our 2-year-old sings the alphabet and knows all her colors.  The warm and creative teachers have made our kids extremely happy and us very satisfied parents as a result.  We la-la-love CCLC and would recommend it to other parents!

– Rosanna & Michaelcreativechildlearningcenter

CCLC is the only school Jackson, our 2 1/2-year-old, has been to. The teachers work diligently to create a safe, warm, educational environment.  One of the most important things to our family is a quality education; Jackson gets this every day.  From exposure to music, arts and crafts, outdoor play, and curriculum, I am confident he is learning and growing.  He is also having fun–particularly on Splash Days–and learning social skills that will set him up for success throughout his life.  I sincerely appreciate the updates we get from his teachers and administrators, as well as the ability to provide feedback and direction for Jackson’s specific needs.  As a first time parent with a lot of questions, it is very easy for me to highly recommend CCLC to any parent.

All my best,

– Robyncreativechildlearningcenter

CCLC has been a lifesaver for my wife and I. I could not have found a better place for our daughter to grow. The staff is very warm and welcoming to her every morning. They truly care about and for her like she was their own.

– Alan D.creativechildlearningcenter

Creative Child Learning Center does more than just watch my daughter while I’m at work—they provide a social and educational environment unsurpassed in the local childcare business. From the baby sign language that my daughter began using in the infant class, to the artwork and growing list of vocabulary that she is developing as a wobbler, the quality of the Creative Child program is evident. I could not have asked for a better childcare center.

When my wife and I realized that we would both need to work after the birth of our daughter we knew that we didn’t want any old childcare program. We chose Creative Child Learning Center because we know that our daughter is receiving an education and socializing with a diverse group of children. More importantly, we feel safe knowing that a certified staff of teachers and administrators are providing her with the same care and attention that we wanted to provide at home. We couldn’t have asked for a better childcare option.

As a parent who balances concern with the raising of my child with the need to work to support my family, I can honestly say that Creative Child Learning Center takes the weight of childcare off of my shoulders. I know that when I drop off my daughter, the smiles and friendly demeanor that greet me at the front desk extend to all functions of the school. I value the fact that my desires are met, the teachers are attentive and responsive to questions and concerns, and the Director is as open and friendly as any of the staff. My family truly feels like a part of the larger Creative Child community.


– Gil P.creativechildlearningcenter

As parents, we need to ensure our children gain a year’s worth of knowledge in a year’s worth of time. CCLC is offering my child the educational foundation she needs to succeed academically in a fun, safe and creative environment.

– Alia F.creativechildlearningcenter

I was looking for a school for my daughter with a loving, caring and warm environment. I wanted a curriculum that would focus on my daughter to grow and develop new skills. I wanted a clean place with lots of toys and playground equipment who focused on hygiene to make my daughter stay healthy and safe. I found everything I was looking for at Creative Child Learning Center in Southwood. The staff is amazing and I leave every day with a smile on my face. This is not only a place I take my daughter every day – this is family and friends who love my daughter and go out of their way to make every day extra special for her.

I could probably write a book about how great a place CCLC is.

Have a wonderful day,

– Helene K.creativechildlearningcenter