Breakfast may be brought and eaten at school until 8:30 AM.

A nutritional variety of snacks including, but not limited to, juice, fruits, cheese & crackers, puddings, and raisins is provided by the school and served at midmorning and midafternoon. You have the option to bring your child his/her own snacks.

Children may bring their lunch from home or buy a lunch from the school lunch program. We use Yummy in my Tummy for our purchased meals. They provide healthy organic and natural meal selections.

If you choose to bring your child’s lunch from home, please keep the lunch box and thermos bottles labeled at all times. We ask that all hot food items are sent to school in a thermos. We do not heat or refrigerate food items. Prepare a meal which is nutritious and to the liking of your child. State of Florida H.R.S. holds the center responsible for overseeing that lunches served meet set quality standards. Please advise us if your child isrestricted or allergic to any foods or drinks.

For additional information about any of our programs go to our documents page HERE, or ask one of our directors.