5 Tips on How to Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine!

Exercise is a major component of self-care, yet many parents overlook it because they feel burned out from a hectic schedule. Who has time to go to the gym in between commuting, working, and taking care of their family? However, even 30 minutes of exercise a day can reap big benefits for your health and that’s why we came up with five tips to fit a workout into your busy schedule:

1. Workout in the morning:

As parents, working out in the morning can be better than working out at night after a long day. Find pockets in your schedule, such as before your children wake up or right after dropping them off at school. Not only is it more convenient, but exercising in the morning can give you a boost of energy throughout your day.

2. Workout with your children at the playground:

Active parents create active children. Instead of sitting down and watching your child on the playground, join them! There are many activities you can do at the playground, such as playing chase for cardio or using the bench as a steppingstone for leg workouts. You can even use parts of the actual playground if kids aren’t using them to do a variety of push-up, pull-up, and leg exercises.

3. Remember your goals:

You’re more likely to stick to something if you have an end goal and a bigger picture to look forward to. Think of the benefits you’ll receive from your workout routine and how they’ll make you a better, healthier person and parent. Do you want to release stress, be leaner or bigger, or just have more energy to keep up with your child? Picking a goal that suits your overall lifestyle needs will help you maintain focus and determination.

4. Invest in home equipment:

Sometimes getting to the gym on its own may seem like a hassle. A great alternative to the gym is having your own equipment at home. That doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars, either. You can get a great cardio and strength conditioning workout with simply a jump rope and resistance bands. YouTube has dozens of great videos that can help you get started.

5. Have a workout buddy:

Having – and being – a workout buddy will help you both stay on track, hold each other accountable and get faster results. Consider another parent of one your child’s peers at school, a friend, a coworker, or your spouse.


At Creative Child Learning Center:
At CCLC, we encourage our families to have an active lifestyle. We believe that health and wellness is a crucial part of a child’s development. Our teachers and staff are very set in incorporating unstructured time and physical education activities to help develop active healthy habits in all our students.