Raising a Bilingual Child

As the world gets smaller, bilingualism is becoming more of a necessity. Parents are realizing the importance of a raising a bilingual child in today’s society. Although raising a bilingual child may seem to require a lot of time and effort, the benefits will make it all worth it. Consider these social and cognitive benefits:

Positive Effects on the Brain

According to Science Daily, bilingual brains are better equipped to process information. As a bilingual, your brain is wired to constantly choose  between languages to communicate, and this improves your ability to choose important information and ignore irrelevant details, and making decisions. In addition, studies funded by the National Institute of Health have shown that children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at multitasking than those who only speak one.

Social and Cultural Development

Being bilingual can help children develop their social skills. In a recent study from the University of Chicago, research showed that bilingual children are more likely to be empathetic and better communicators. Exposure to another language and culture automatically give children another perspective, which helps children to be more in tune on picking up on different social cues. Consider this when planning a family vacation that may be to a another country, if your child is familiar with their local language, your child can immerse themselves in the language and culture of that place and they’ll appreciate other cultures even more.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Growing evidence has shown correlations with bilingualism delaying the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies even suggest that bilinguals are less likely to have strokes and more likely to have lower stress levels.

Career Advantages

Although it may seem too early to start thinking about your child’s career now, consider the fact that bilingualism will give your child an early advantage. In our current economy, many jobs require a second language. In the future, your child has a better chance of getting job by being bilingual because companies value a multilingual staff. Being bilingual also increases the chances of higher pay. In a study conducted in 2012 by the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, they found that bilingual Latinos in New York had an annual income that’s $15,000 higher than Latinos who only spoke English.

The Creative Child Learning Center Program

At Creative Child Learning Center, we recognize the benefits of teaching children foreign languages. At our Weston-Sunrise location only, we offer a hands-on learning program aimed to develop children who are bilingual and bi-literate. Our activities support language acquisition through music, games, art projects, authentic literature, and many more.